In today’s world, there are many ways to commute to work. Bicycle commuting has become a popular, environmentally-friendly method of travel for many people, especially in places where public transportation offers backup for those days when a rainstorm makes an appearance. Hybrid bicycles work well for these types of commuters, due to their unique features.

Comfortable Frame

Similar to beach cruisers and mountain bikes, hybrids have a more upright frame, though styles can vary greatly among manufacturers. An upright position is much more comfortable for the rider and hybrid bikes make slight adjustments to the cruiser setup to increase pedaling efficiency.

Rugged Tires

Hybrid bikes come equipped with special tires that offer the best of what street bikes and mountain bikes have to offer. Traditionally sized the same as street bikes, these wheels come in varying widths, all of which require a high inflation pressure, which assures minimal resistance and faster speeds.

Storage Options

One of the main benefits offered by hybrids that you won’t see in a road or mountain bike is storage. Rear racks are the standard storage method and allow workers to transport books, computers, or bags without the shoulder strain of carrying a backpack. Baskets are also an available option.

Commuting to work, school, or other places by bicycle has many health and environmental benefits, and can be a comfortable, enjoyable way to travel. Hybrids are designed with the features that benefit the modern commuter.